Membership of YCBF
YCBF is made up of hundreds of young vibrant and successful entrepreneurs from over 28 countries spread across Africa, USA, ASIA, and North America. We delight ourselves with our multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-racial spread, covering the most of Africa and other continents of the world. This provides us the needed reach to mobilize and facilitate business and trade across Africa and the Globe. Our forum provides us the network to unify global businesses for young entrepreneurs while our advisors provides us with the expertise needed to support start-ups, business to business marching, promotions, linkages, and collaborations needed to expand into new markets.

YCBF Members’ Unique features
Diversity of our community is critical to our success. We actively select members from especially Africa and countries all over the world putting into strong consideration expertise, connections, industries, and gender to increase the diversity and reach of our community.

Leadership and influence
Members are typically the overall young business leaders (CEO, MD, Executive Directors, Founder, President, chairman) of an organization or have held such roles in the past.

Hands on support
Since YCBF members are selected from pool of young entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in their respective countries, which in itself guarantees a ready and willing group of influencers who provide hands-on support to other members. In addition our advisory board and mentors also are the expert backbone of the forum and readily available to solve relevant business challenges facing members on the forum. Distance is not a barrier members get hands on support when they need it.

Global Vision
Most members are actively engaged in cross-border activity globally or have demonstrated interest in reaching the global pinnacle in their business venture or affairs.

Profile and Distinction
YCBF members are to be considered one of the top 300 most influential young business leaders in their respective communities and/or must have created between 20 to 100 jobs opportunities or employed same within 4years period.

Our massive network undoubtedly creates immeasurable value and support for our community building business relations and collaborations that enhances access into new markets.