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17th - 18th August, 2017


  • About YCBS South Africa 2017

    The Young CEOs Business Forum (YCBF) is a business network platform with over Ten thousand plus young CEOs (direct & indirect) and investors spread across Africa, Europe, America and Middle East carrying out businesses in diverse sectors of the economy, including, Agriculture, Hospitality, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Fashion & Design, Media, Manufacturing, e-commerce, Health, Music & Film Production.

    We are also the organizers of the Young CEOs Business Summit (YCBS), designed for pioneering CEOs who aspire to conduct their businesses in tandem with global best practices. The YCBS has been hosted in different cities across Africa, Europe and Middle East including, Dubai -UAE, Dusseldorf - Germany, Accra - Ghana, Abuja & Lagos - Nigeria, London- United Kingdom and most recently Warsaw- Poland. Coming to South Africa as the 7th edition, the YCBS is organised as a strategic approach to create business opportunities for South African businesses and those International businesses supporting the Forum to shape global business agendas.

    The Summit will provide a platform for Business to Business networking, where South African owned businesses will have the opportunity to meet International CEOs from different sectors and industries to exchange ideas, discover the gaps in sectors and devise ways to expand their businesses to foreign countries and meet global best practices. This serves as an opportunity to tap into foreign economies and cultivate cultures that will support companies to grow and flourish.

    Due to the high levels of youth unemployment, the Summit also aims to advance start-up businesses and encourage the youth to channel their energy and talents to more business endeavours. International and local speakers will be coming to encourage creative thinking and advise the youth on how best to invest their time in both education and business so as to not have to wait to be employed or till they are grown to start their own companies.

    The summit will be a 2 days event from the 17th to 18th August 2017, and will include among other things keynote presentations, panel discussions, speakers (local and international), a tour of exhibition stands and a gala dinner in which different companies and individuals will be awarded for supporting the Summit as well as their effort in supporting youth development and thus contributing to the decrease in the level of youth unemployment in South Africa.

  • Team Profile

    Lisa Nokulunga Bhembe

    Armed with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Lisa’s education also includes Project Management, Tourism Management, and Aviation Management. She has considerable experience in the organisation, management and planning of various projects. Lisa founded the Royal Empire Investments Pty Ltd in 2013, of which Empire’s Janitors is a division. Her burning desire is to reduce the level of poverty in Africa by creating jobs and empowering the less priviledged communities. it is her common dream to see the African continent as a serious competitor in the global stage of world trade across all sectors. Lisa believes that entrepreneurship by African youths will bring positive changes to marginalized communities and foster the resurgence of Africa


    Bukiswa Dlamini

    Chief Administrator
    Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics. Shortly after graduating, she worked at the Ministry of Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) in Swaziland as an Economist; advising on the Sector’s budget, facilitating the implementation of projects and compiling Sector’s quarterly reports, among other things. As one of the members of the Young CEOs Business Summit, Johannesburg team, Bukiswa is fuelled with the desire to see Africa grow and meet global standards. As the continent’s population is dominated by the youth, she believes that the key towards attaining a more developed Africa is by channelling the creativity from the youth to more business ventures so as to create more job opportunities and thus decrease the rate of youth unemployment.

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