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The 8th YOUNG CEO’S BUSINESS FORUM (YCBF), one of the largest entrepreneurships and economic event exclusive to Young enterprise leaders from the heart Africa, will be held on 25-27 July, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. The event will begin with an opening cocktail party by one of Africa’s greatest Music legend and accompanied on the last day by the African Tech Start Up Day and award dinner.

YCBF-Kagali Rwanda

– It’s the eighth time that we’re gathering global opinion leaders in the private and public sector at the Young CEO’s business forum. On 25-27 July 2019 we’ll be sharing experiences and knowledge, discussing key issues for the African economy, matters of importance for the development of Africa as well as challenges in business from the point of view of the “average entrepreneur” – says David James Egwu & Rex Idaminabo, Co-founders of the Young CEOs business forum, and organizers of the Young CEO’S business summit.

Among the highpoint of the events accompanying the 8th YOUNG CEO’S BUSINESS SUMMIT will be the meeting of young and innovative businesses with representatives of big corporations and investors from both Africa, Europe and America and of course the African Tech Start up Day and the award dinner.

The previous, 6th & 7th anniversary edition of the YOUNG CEO’s business forum which took place in Duesseldorf-Germany & Atlanta-USA attracted a record number of over 600 participants. The Poland – Africa business forum event, which held in Warsaw the capital City of Poland, was visited by over 250 people, including top business leaders from Europe especially Poland and that of their counter part from within 17 African countries.

A wide range of topics covers a number of main areas, which results in more than thirty debates, sessions, meetings and other events. This year’s debate will tackle such themes as the role of young people in transforming Africa and the future of the African Union, correlations between expansive technologies and economic and social development, international economic cooperation or sustainable development issues


Advancing Africa through private sector partnership, digital innovation and regional integration


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Thoughts from the AFRICA CEO FORUM; how Brexit & others are shaping our response

From the UK’s planned EU exit to the trade war between China and the USA, there is certain cold war going on in the global economy. In contrast, a highly fragmented Africa has embarked on an accelerated integration process, with the famous signing in Kigali in March 2018 of the agreement for the creation of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).

An era of long negotiation stage is now started with the aim of eliminating customs tariffs, but greater determination is needed if this initiative is to succeed. Logistical and financial barriers, a lack of inter-government coordination, the low level of national economic specialization and the fear of facing increased competition from companies based in neighboring countries are all factors that hamper intra-African trade, and explain the modest size of continental champions.

With Africa struggling to return to sustained growth, and foreign direct investment flagging, the ideal of a common market offers the private sector a unique opportunity. Indeed, business must now weigh in on the ongoing discussions in order to determine the real priorities for economic integration and achieve much-needed changes. From the recent discussions arising from the just concluded Africa’s CEO FORUM, young entrepreneurs in Africa who are in the majority must now contemplate their business actions in tandem with the above business realities.

For its eighth edition – 26-28 July 2019 – the YOUNG CEO’S BUSINESS FORUM has decided to unite its 1000 plus participants around a revolution agenda… What priorities must be identified to boost the level of intra-African trade and investment? What must a united Africa do to better protect its interests and industries? How can we mobilize the private sector around cross-border infrastructure and logistical projects? What insights can be drawn from the East African Community – considered the most successful regional model – given the tense new political waters? How can we create a truly pan-African financial services industry? Or leverage our creativity and market size to negotiate a win-win deal for our continent? These and many more will take the center discussion at the forthcoming 8th edition of the YOUNG CEO’S BUSINESS SUMMIT.


We will discuss DIGITALISATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES, the future of digital Africa • AU on the global digitization map of economies and societies    • Business reality of digital transformation – opinions of African companies • Where should the boundaries be set? Regulations versus freedom, privacy versus safety • AU law and institutions in relation to cyber hazards. We will explore Industry 4.0 – The revolution • Final version of Industry 4.0: engineering, IT, marketing, logistics, management • Information, data, value. Technologies that change the world • Revolutionary changes in employee skills, educational system and social life • Needs and reality – 4.0 in different rhythms. Leaders, followers, cooperating parties, cynics etc.

During this three-day event – filled with some 20 plus panels, public-private workshops and case studies – business leaders, shareholders, investors, as well as heads of corporations and ministers, will discuss these major topics and address additional key challenges for Africa’s private sector, including the representation of top women executives in the boardroom and the need to build sustainable African brands. The YOUNG CEO’S BUSINESS FORUM and its participants have a shared objective: using regional integration, innovation and technology to drive private sector growth and create more African TOP BRANDS!


The Young CEO’s Business Forum, Ka Kagali-Rwanda 2019

Endorsements & Testimonials

“Africa is truly blessed and that has been a re-assuring affirmation for everyone who has worked in this space. For all my several years of commitment to causes that raise the profile of Africa and her people, today i am most fulfilled to know that platforms like this do exist to provide insight into Africa's trade and business landscape, while empowering her entrepreneurs with relevant skills to help increase their productive capacities as business leaders. Congratulations to David James Egwu and Rex Idaminabo the conveners of this great forum. We are blessed and inspired to be associated with your work, and today i officially adopt you both as my sons.
H.E Amb. Dr. Erieka Bennett
Founder/Head of Mission Africa Union, Diaspora
“People who succeed have momentum, and my experience today is nothing short of positive energy, and I am confident that a great future awaits Africa. The passion for Excellence amongst the business leaders I met here and the quest for greater success is something phenomenal coming out of Africa. Such a strategic platform for trade promotion, collaborations, partnerships, quality networking must be promoted and encouraged to help raise the profile of African businesses around the world. I am very happy to have been invited to speak and contribute my quota at this all important summit”.
Hon. Joyce Aryee
Former Minister of Mine & industry, Ghana
“This forum is critical; in terms of bringing individuals together, giving all of us an opportunity to discuss, and draw strength from one another irrespective of creed, race, colour or gender.”
Dr. Michael Arumemi-Ikhide
Group CEO Arik Air
“We are very proud to host the Young CEOs business summit YCBS here at our facility in Dusseldorf Germany, since we truly believe in diversity. In today's environment you need to think international, you need to think global.”
Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
Chair for Centre for Sports & Management at WHU Business school
“The world is in dare need of Doers and not talkers. The Young CEO's business forum is bridging the gap by fostering healthy business relationships and encouraging trade across the Globe. I am inspired and proud to be part of this great forum.”
Sabine Balve
Founder, World Leaders Forum, Dubai, UAE
"As one of Europe's leading business schools with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and responsible leadership we are very pleased with this cooperation with the Young CEO's Business Forum. At WHU we truly believe that internationalization is a key to success.That is why we are looking forward to welcoming young entrepreneurs and change makers from Africa and Europe to our Dusseldorf Campus for the 6th Edition of the Young CEO's Business Summit, a prestigious global summit that seeks to empower and redefine business collaborations between Africa and the rest of the world.”
Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf
Dean of WHU