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Kigali is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is near the nation’s geographic Centre. The city has been Rwanda’s economic, cultural, and transport hub since it became capital at independence in 1962. The city hosts the main residence and offices of the President of Rwanda and government ministries. The city is within the province of Kigali City, which was enlarged in January 2006, as part of local government re-organization in the country. Kigali’s city limits cover the whole province; it is consolidated. The city’s urban area covers about 70% of the municipal boundaries.

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Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park

This is the most popular destination to visit while in Rwanda for your safari holidays and it’s commonly known for the shy endangered Mountain Gorillas followed by other primates like Golden Monkeys. While in Volcanoes National Park you can do several activities and some of what you can do include;

Gorilla trekking

This involves visiting these shy endangered mountain Gorillas in the Jungle and share with them, let me take you through the process of gorilla trekking tours in Volcanoes. To visit these apes you must buy a Gorilla Permit which issues you permission for the activity and this costs $1500 USD per person.

Golden Monkey Tracking

This is another activity you should not eliminate on your bucket list while in Rwanda for holidays and it’s also done in Volcanoes National Park as for Rwanda they are only found here. The process of Golden Monkey tracking is almost the same with that of Gorilla trekking as in also a one hour permission is allowed for you to stay with these primates after discovering them in the jungle while enjoying their ways of acting, behaviors and more, your free to take photos of these primates for memories but its always advised not to use flush cameras.

Dian Fossey Hiking

This involves hiking up to the Dian Fossey grave yard which is an historical place since Dian Fossey is highly awarded in the conservation history of Rwanda because she was the first to start the conservation towards the lives of Gorillas. The price for Dian Fossey hiking in Volcanoes National Park goes for $75 USD per person.

Mountain Bisoke & Karisimbi hiking

This involves hiking these mountains up to the top, this hike takes a full day and it costs $75 USD per person. Since it is a one day hike always it’s started early in the morning for the better hike. When it comes to Mountain Karisimbi the hiking takes two days to and fro and the price for hiking goes for $150 USD per person plus $250 USD per person for the guide who is to lead you through the hiking which comes to a total of $400 USD per person for the hiking.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park

This park is among the top destinations to visit while in Rwanda for holidays and it’s commonly known for Chimpanzees, while in Nyungwe forest national park below is a list of activities you can do:

Chimpanzee tracking

This involves visiting these primates in the Jungle and share with them through experiencing their ways of behaving. You will have a chance of taking photos of these primates when there are playing, swinging in the tree branches and more, similarly you are also allowed to stay with these primates for one hour but it’s always advised not to use flush cameras when taking photos. The permit for chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest national park goes for $90 USD per person.

Canopy Walk experience

This experience is only done in Nyungwe Forest National Park when you are in Rwanda, its usually a half day experience which goes for approximately three to four hours and it costs $60 USD per person and this walk is mostly done in the evening time starting at 2:00 or 3:00pm after the Chimpanzee trekking activity.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park

This is a large National Park also found in Rwanda but commonly known for its wide range of Wildlife Primates like Rhinos, Elephants, Giraffe, Zebras, Buffaloes and more. Here are few activities you can enjoy while at this park

Game drive

This is the mostly done activity in Akagera National Park and it’s done around the park with the aim of spotting different wildlife primates in the park. To enter the park you have to pay the park entrance which cost $40 USD per person plus $12 USD for the vehicle, on your game drive in the park you will be assigned a park ranger to lead you through who costs $20 USD. Boat & Sunset Cruise are the other activities you can do in Akagera National Park on Lake Ihema.

Rwanda Cultural Sites

Rwanda as a country has its culture and it’s shown through different cultural sites which are located in different parts of Rwanda.

Iby’wacu Cultural Village

This is one of the popular cultural sites most liked by visitors to Rwanda, it’s a cultural village where you visit the people in this community and share with them through cultural performances like dances, you will move around the community with a guide to explain to you the history behind about this village and you will have opportunity to engage through different cultural activities with these people in the community. The cost for visiting this village goes for $20 USD per person and you will have a great experience via Rwanda’s Culture.

Azizi life experience

This is another cultural heritage located in Rwanda where you go and participate in different cultural activities and really this place is a right face to represent Rwanda culture.

Kigali Genocide Memorial

This is an historical place relating to the genocide which took place in Rwanda and mass people were killed, this killing was between the Hutus and the Twas. Visiting this place is free and there is a guide who was the survivor of the genocide already waiting for you to explain how it started, what happened and how it ended.


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